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Expedition sailing in greenland
sailing explorers in greenland





Vast experience in high-latitudes sailing:

Expedition sailing, ice navigation

Sailing platform for skiing, climbing, kayaking and diving in Arctic

Film production in Greenland

Exclusive charter and tailor-made itineraries.

Consulting on preparations for sailing in Arctic




Navigation Baffin Bay
Navigation Baffin Bay



 Deep knowledge and understanding of Greenland and Canadian Arctic:

Close approach to wilderness

Inuit people, their tradition and culture

Navigation in very remote and uncharted areas


Weather routing / Ice navigation routing

Film production projects

Navigation in the most remote areas





Our expedition staff has a great experience in hosting film production projects on yachts:

Filming in the open ocean

Close approach of Arctic wildlife

Close approach of calving glaciers

Adapting life on board to the demand of film production.

Your best guide to sailing in Greenland and Canadian Arctic


Your best film production support for yacht based projects.


Driven by passion,

Endless determination,

Unique skills,



Mindset of reaching the highest quality and ethics.