The joy of cruising remote areas can dramatically improve by being in the right place in the right time. The key is in knowing, understanding and respecting the powerful environment, following the safety advice of those who know the area well and recognize dangers early enough to stay out of troubles.

Places that seem inaccessible may be reached safely with good dose of experience and local knowledge. Wildlife that are difficult to spot and approach can actually be approached very closely if it's done in the right way.

            Our passion for Arctic and years of dedication to get to know it well has resulted in very deep knowledge of the area. We've been as close as 10 meters from the polar bears, arctic foxes, walruses, narwhals, belugas, humpbacks and finwhales. Without disturbing them, and always staying in the safe zone, knowing their habits and how to  make them feel comfortable to have us around.

We've approached the most active glaciers and observed huge calvings, but we took time to study it and figure out the safest way to sail in that area. Heavy ice conditions don't feel as heavy when you have good ice navigator choosing the path, and good driver manouvering with care in the dense ice, always considering the limits of the yacht and not pushing the luck.

Sharing a great moment with local people and living authentic experience is a lot easier when you are introduced by their friend. Having a right guidance is a great benefit to every journey.


            We sail in Arctic because we love it, it's our passion which turned into unique skill.

We  smell the danger from far away, we spot the wildlife long before most people can notice it, we are confident and happy to live in this environment, and our best reward is to get to know it better. We know around 2500Nm of Greenlandic and Canadian coastline by heart, but in the same time we are always happy to explore areas that we haven't visited yet. We also know well

our limitations and where to seek for extra advice if needed.

We offer guidance in Arctic sailing, but only to those people who are willing to follow the same philosophy:

- be amazed by the nature, wish to be close to it and to learn as much as possible about it

- be very respectful towards Inuit culture

- be very respectful towards environment (create minimum pollution, noise, carbon footprint and waste, adapt to environment rather than waste resources to keep up habits that are totally not practical in Arctic)

- strictly follow our safety advice


            If you are on the same page, there is a lot of knowledge and experience that we are willing to share and we are able to bring a lot of extra values, joy and amazement into your journey in Arctic.



500 USD / day / each member of Sailing Explorers Team



Projects longer than 20 days: 10% discount