There are many good reasons why film makers generally stay away from the sailing yachts. Salt water is very destructive for the equipment, everything is constantly moving, sometimes it's even tricky to get out of bed, walk or eat. Then when it comes to filming at sea, every small task can become an enourmous challange: dry and secure storage of the equipment, charging it, figuring out most convenient camera locations that don't interfere with sailing manouvers, rigging the equipment and grip, keeping the lenses clean in sea spray, motion sickness when looking at the monitors in big  seas, etc.

            In the same time, there is no better way to film open ocean or sailing theme than being out there and adapting to the environment. Nobody ever managed to make in the studio an authentic-looking footage of sailing yacht in the open ocean. Then there are many spectacular film locations that are accessible only with the expedition sailing yacht.


We've gained experience in working with film crews by amazing co-operation with Victor Kossakovsky - the master of documentary film. We participated in the most ambitious footage ever made on the sailing yacht - film "Aquarela". It included two periods:

- 10 days in Disko Bay, Greenland - approaching spectacular calvings of the glaciers and most amazing forms of icebergs

- 10 days of preparations followed by 16 days on the Atlantic crossing from Portugal to Greenland - open ocean sailing in North Atlantic in March, facing very powerful weather systems.



Victor's crew were operating approx 1.000kg of equipment, including Perfect Horizon, drone (type....), 2 big cameras (type), (one of them installed on top of the mast), fish eye tow-cam, diving camera, splash bags, etc They used around 20 different grip locations on 100ft expedition schooner which we were operating, and we have brough them to around 15 locations in Greenland, keeping up high efficiency of the production progress.

Feedback from Victor:

We've also participated in other film projects:

- "From the sea to the summit" / "De la mer aux sommet" (directed by Ugo Benghozi) – two weeks in Nuuk Fjord with 3 times world

 - champion in freeride – Aurelien Ducroz

- Thalassa TV show (directed by Jérôme Mignard Nicolas Cennac)

- Peak Performance -  Between places" (produced by Pixl Family):

- Iceberg Climbing (produced by GoPro Media Team, Zak Shelhamer and Justin Whiting) :



Peak Performance -  Between places (produced by Pixl Family)

 Iceberg Climbing (produced by GoPro Media Team, Zak Shelhamer and Justin Whiting)

Thalassa TV show (directed by Jérôme Mignard Nicolas Cennac) 


We love to work with the film crews and be part of creative projects. We offer advice on:

- guidance to the close approach of Arctic wildlife

- itinerary / locations in Greenland and Arctic Canada

- logistics in Arctic

- best camera locations in order to keep the yacht practical to manouver

- grip and rigging solutions

- salt water protection

- practical storage in tiny spaces



We also offer:

- practical assistance in adapting life on board to reach the goals of film production

- assistance in rigging / derigging -  in any kind of weather conditions, including extreme

- all necessary sailing assistance


Cost: 750 USD / day / each member of Sailing Explorers team

Projects longer than 20 days: 10% discount



Not included: travel expenses and accomodation during the project.