High-latitudes sailing is extremely rich in wildlife, picturesque landscape, unique experiences, opportunities to explore some of the most remote areas in the world. Often uncharted, not described by pilot books, inhabited and visited by very few people. This very powerful environment combines two extremes - beauty and beast. It defines a true meaning of living in the wild. The whole population of Greenland, which is half the size of Europe, has a population 55.000 people. Obviously it is also inhabited by billions of wild animals.

            Nature and wilderness is an incredible experience. But being in Arctic presents also a great opportunity to get to know the Inuit people and learn about their way of life, tradition and culture, clearly shaped by living in very beautiful but harsh environment. Very few cultures these days are so close to nature and still fully depend on deep knowledge and understanding of it. In very few places people start to hunt at the age of five no matter if you are boy or girl, very few cultures know better how to share than Inuit. The rest of the world could learn so much from what living in the wild has thought them.

            There is no doubt that hundreds of thousands of miles of incredible coastline that surrounds Arctic Ocean is an ultimate playground for sailors that are trully passionate about nature. In the same time, it's clearly not easy place to sail. It's full of dangers - freezing temperatures, cold water, sea ice, icebergs, tsunamis, catabatic winds, strong currents, wildlife, not mentioning that most of the Arctic is not charted properly. As soon as you go away from the few ports, you rely more on what you see on your dephtsounder than on the incomplete charts. The infrastructure for repairs is very poor too, so every serious damage to the yacht can have complex consequences.

            Sailing in Arctic, to be done safely, requires a lot of preparations, planning, experience and caution. The great news is that once it's done in the right way - it can be totally enjoyable, overwhelming and unforgettable experience. Dangers are always there, but being well prepared, having good understanding of them and being cautious is usually more than enough to keep them at safe distance.


            Sailing Explorers offers a comprehensive guidance to yacht owners / captains / crews in following areas:

Preparations / optimising the yacht
Preparations / optimising the yacht
Weather routing
Weather routing

1. Preparations / optimising the yacht for high-latitudes sailing.

Inspection of the yacht with aim to prepare a tailor-made technical job list adapted to particular yacht and budget available. It includes:

- engines, heating systems, watermakers, pumps, plumbing maintenance plan and spare parts stock

- fuel and water managment

- deck preparations, taking into account the temperatures / snow conditions / icing

- adapting / optimising satellite internet: quickest servers, firewall, compression software, etc (maximum performance at lowest price)

- advice on the safety equipment suitable for Arctic, taking in the account shore activities (i.e. wildlife protection, tsunamis, avalanche, etc)

- advice on the personal equipment that has proven itself in Arctic and makes sailing in this area more enjoyable


Cost: 500 USD / day

Not included: travel expenses and accomodion during the project.


Minimum time: 2 days

2. Itinerary

Comprehensive advice you the itinerary that will fit the objectives of the voyage and be adapted to the strenght of the yacht and experience of the crew, taking into account weather and ice conditions, and complexity of the navigation in certain areas. We are able to suggest the best spots for:


- marine wildlife (various species of whales, seals, polar bears, fish)

- land wildlife (musk ox, raindeers, arctic foxes, arctic hares, birds)

- ski touring and heli-skiing

- kayaking, SUP

- climbing, ice trekking, icefall climbing

- trekking and camping

- fishing (salmon, arctic char, wolf fish, cod, red fish, halibut, mussels and crabs)

- hot springs

- glacier calving and icebergs

- Inuit culture and art

- Greenlandic dogs / dog sledge



We know few hundred amazing anchorages on the West Coast of Greenland and in the Canadian Arctic, which are not described in any pilot books. Each one has something special to offer.



Costs: 250 USD / each day of itinerary

3. Weather routing

Atlantic crossing from Europe to Greenland can be the most difficult part of the whole Arctic experience. Beaufort and Berring Seas are also known to have some of the roughest sailing conditions in the world. Depressions in far North can grow quickly and become very powerful. It's not uncommon that 10m + swell is created by winds in excess of 60kts. It can become a serious danger if you are in the wrong place in the wrong time. When you are in the right place though, powerful depressions can create fantastic quick-ride sailing conditions. Fairly quick yacht encounters 4-5 depressions on the way from Europe to Greenand. Slower one may encounter many more, and it can be wiser to cut the voyage in shorter legs, stopping in Azores or Iceland. The choices are often complex and the key to success is to adapt the route constantly keeping in mind plenty of factors in the same time.

            We provide high-end weather routing service for your ocean passage:

- study the weather forecasts using high-speed internet and our professional access to big database of weather files

- improve the accuracy using a regular feedback from your actual weather situation

- provide you with weather routing advice that will keep in mind not only weather conditions and forecast, but also your yacht's performance, actual crew experience and fitness, actual condition of the sails, fuel stock and all other factors that account for successful ocean passage. Keep you away from the troubles as much as possible and find the safest and most enjoyable way towards the destination

- be available for call / email response 24/7 from the day of your departure till the day of your arrival



Cost: 250 USD / day