Peter Madej 

Skills: Captain, Expedition Leader, Weather Router, Ice Navigator, Preparateur, Arctic Wildlife Guide

 Qualifications: RYA Yachtmaster Ocean, commercial endorsement

 Age: 33

 Professional Sailing Experience: 13 years (10 years as a captain)

 Seasons in Arctic: 2

 Nm Experience: approx 200.000

 Ocean Crossings: 20

 Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (basic), Italian (basic)

 Favorite areas: West Coast of Greenland, Canadian Arctic, South America, SE Asia, Pacific Ocean

 Passion: Wildlife, Film, Exploration, Ocean Racing

 Hobby: Fishing, Writing

Skills: Captain, Expedition Leader, Weather Router, Ice Navigator, Preparateur, Arctic Wildlife Guide

Most valuable sailing skills:

Yacht management – dealing with owners, agents, clients, insurers, inspectors, shipyards, crew, managing job lists / budget, charter sales, accountability, etc.

 Ice navigation – reading the ice, impressive driving skills

Advanced weather routing – lots of experience gained during 6 years of ocean racing, intensely practiced for another 6 years of expedition sailing and cruising remote areas

 Navigation in uncharted areas / making a reco (discovering places not described in any pilot books) both in Arctic and in the tropical seas (coral reefs)

Heavy weather sailing, both offshore and inshore, ability to work efficiently in any conditions at sea

Approaching marine wildlife closesly (whales, seals, polar bears, arctic foxes, musk ox, raindeers, birds and others)

 Approaching enormous glaciers with the yacht

Advanced sailing yacht engineering (diesel engines, outboards, heating systems, aircon, refrigeration systems, watermakers, plumbing, etc)

Advanced rigging (servicing masts, splicing) and basic sail repair

Advanced deck hardware repairs / modifications / maintenance

Good understanding of yacht electronics / commisioning / calibration / repairs

basic lamination & carpetery

Organising the technical storage space on board (packing up the yacht for 8 months long expedition in a way that everything is reachable when needed)

Rescue at sea (practiced on many occassions while meeting people in trouble at sea)

Fishing (open water, inshore, rivers, lakes)

Advanced performance driving (at any speed) and performance trim of hull and sails

advanced manouvering


Good understanding of lifting keel systems and canting keel systems

Expedition Sailing Experience: Approx: 30.000 Nm

Polski Hak, 100ft expedition schooner

September 2015 – October 2017, Captain and Project Manager of Sailing Explorers Ltd

Film project "Aquarela" (directed by Victor Kossakovsky) – two weeks in Disko Bay, 3 weeks on the Atlantic crossing from Portugal to Greenland + 2 weeks of preparations, film crew working on the cinematographic film with approx 1000kg of equipment stored on board

Film project "From the sea to the summit" / "De la mer aux sommet" (directed by Ugo Benghozi) – two weeks in Nuuk Fjord with 3 times world champion in freeride – Aurelien Ducroz

6 weeks long expedition: Disko Bay – Upernavik – Lancaster Strait – NE Baffin Island - Nuuk

Numerous tailor-made cruises in the area of Disko Bay

2 major refits (preparation to the season in Arctic) in the winter time

Atlantic crossing Cannaries - Greenland

Atlantic crossing Greenland - Iceland - France

Atlantic crossing Portugal - Greenland

Atlantic crossing Greenland - Iceland - Norway - Baltic

June – November 2011: Captain

Refit / optimising freshly launched prototype yacht onto expedition yacht that is fit for long - distance sailing

Cruising Experience: Approx: 35.000 Nm

Polski Hak, 100ft expedition schooner

September – October 2016, Captain

6 weeks of cruising with owner, his family and friends


Portugal – Spain – Baleares – Sardegna – Baleares

Swan76 Silandra V, 76ft all-carbon cruiser/racer

January 2014 – September 2015, Captain

Cruising and racing with owners in Thailand, Malaysia (Borneo), Philippines

Charters in Thailand and Philippines

Shipment of the yacht from Hong Kong to Italy

Busy charter season in Med

Short maintenance / refit periods in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Italy and France

May – December 2013, Engineer

Major shipyard in Langkawi (Malaysia): rebuilding the lifting keel system, full service on the mast, full service on all machinery (2 main engines, 2 generators, 2 watermakers, aircon, refrigeration systems, all pumps) and many electronic parts

Cruising with owners in Indonesia (Bali, Komodo)


Short maintenance / refit periods in Singapore and Thailand

Offshore / Ocean Racing Experience: Approx: 90.000 Nm

Volvo Open 60 Aag.Big.One (ex-Assa Abloy)

July 2009 – June 2010, Captain

Rolex Middle Sea Race

ARC (line honours)

RORC Caribbean 600 (1st SeaHorse Div)

RBC (fun regatta, 1st)


Reliveries: Croatia – Malta – Cannaries, Caribbean - Croatia

May - June 2008, Watch Captain

Antigua Sailing Week


Delivery Caribbean – Croatia

November – December 2007, Watch Captain / Navigator

ARC (line honours)

September – November 2005, Crew

Rolex Middle Sea Race



Deliveries: Croatia – Malta – Italy – Croatia

Volvo Open 60 Amer Sports One

August – November 2008, Captain

Palermo – Monte Carlo Race (3rd)



Deliveries NW Italy – NE Italy – Malta – NW Italy

Volvo Open 60 Venom (ex-Tyco II)

July – August 2007, Bowman

Early stage of Team Russia VOR campaign, extensive training in Solent

Channel Race (2nd)


Rolex Fastnet Race (3rd)

Steinlager 2, 85ft Whitbread Maxi Ketch

May - June 2009, Delivery Crew

Atlantic crossing Caribbean – France – Germany

January – April 2008, Captain

Delivery Med – Cannaries


Atlantic crossing Cannaries – Caribbean

June – July 2008, Captain

Atlantic crossing Caribbean – Med

February – June 2007, Captain

Refit in the Caribbean


Atlantic crossing Caribbean – Med

August – November 2007, Captain

Palermo – Monte Carlo Race (line honours)


Major refit (painting the hull, restoration of the rig)

January 2007, First Mate / Watch Captain

Atlantic crossing Cannaries – Caribbean

June – December 2007, First Mate / Watch Captain

Delivery Holland – Germany – Med

Kiel Week

Palermo – Monte Carlo Race (2nd)

Refit in Med


Delivery Med – Cannaries

Whitbread 60 Pleomax Samsung Corporation

January – June 2006,  Crew

Winter overhaul,

Delivery Sweden – Holland


Incentive sailing during VOR Rotterdam Stopover

First 47.7 Geisha

November 2008 – January 2009, Captain

Extensive training in single-handed racing, aiming to take part in OSTAR


Dismasted during Atlantic crossing

Deliveries: (Approx 35.000Nm)

Swan75RS, February 2013, Brasil to Caribbean

Swan75RS, November 2012, Med to Canarias

Beneteau43, January 2013, Singapore to Malaysia (Borneo)

Oyster601, August – December 2010, UK - Med – Cannaries – Capo Verde - Brasil

Simonis Open85, February 2009, Falklands to Caribbean

56ft FP catamaran, May 2005, Caribbean – France

54ft expedition ketch, November – December 2004, Portugal – Cannaries – Capo Verde - Brasil


35ft sloop, September 2004, France - Baltic

Other sailing experience: (Approx 10.000Nm)

35ft sloop, May – June 1998, delivery Baltic – Med

35ft sloop, May – September 1996, delivery Baltic – Arctic Norway – Baltic, cruising Lofoten


2001-2003, instructor in the sailing school on the lakes in Poland (20-25ft boats)